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Iskustvo-stranih-drzavljanja-sa-veterinarkom-Olgicom-Ivanovic-2111Ovo iskustvo je napisala gospodja Mandy Richards, o veterinarki Olgici Ivanović, postavila ga je lično u komentarima članka( KADA VETERINAR POGREŠI ILI SAMO ZA TEINE OČI ) o strašnom iskustvu i pogrešnom lečenju pomenute veterinarke, na FB:

The main doctor at this Veterinary Clinic, Olgica Ivanovic, is one of the most rude and condescending veterinarians you will ever have the chance of encountering while in Belgrade, Serbia. She is incredibly expensive, and if she ever finds out you're a foreigner in dire need of help for your animals, she will try to rip you off as much as possible. But even for those people who are born and raised in Belgrade, she is way too expensive to have to deal with the insults, and unprofessional attitude that come along with you visiting her office.

First of all, she is incredibly expensive. 2,000 dinars for just a regular check-up. If she just looks at your animal, and looks around its fur, you have to pay 2,000 dinars. This does not include any other medical care. In the meantime, you will have to deal with her sighing at almost all of your questions, and rolling her eyes every chance she gets. After people brought in a very sick animal to her, yet previous to this, educated themselves on the disease the animal had, and offered some of the information to the vet, instead of being overjoyed that these people actually cared about the animal, and the dismal state it was in, she was incredibly annoyed and peeved. She later commented, to their face, about how immature they are, for giving all of that information. She finds knowledge and those interested in acquiring more knowledge as immature.

Iskustvo stranih drzavljanja sa veterinarkom Olgicom Ivanovic prevod na srpski 1Next, her assistant, is incredibly unprofessional. While an animal was recovering from anesthesia after being neutered/spayed, and was shaking, and appeared very much in pain, the assistant left the animal, and told another client in the office, how they should just call her if the animal moves. This is very dangerous for the animal, seeing that it just underwent surgery, is on a small high table, with some tubes that are still hooked up to it. If the animal moves, it can not only tear its stitches, it can also worsen its condition by falling off the table, and being stripped from those tubes, yet the assistant went away to the garden to look at some puppies. The animal did move and the client had to scream for the assistant to come back.

Iskustvo stranih drzavljanja sa veterinarkom Olgicom Ivanovic prevod na srpski2The veterinarian and the assistant give different advice to people, and then when the client doesn't know what to do, they both blame the client and accuse the client of lying. The veterinarian said how a certain animal should be chipped. When the veterinarian left, and the client was left alone with the assistant, the assistant said how the animal shouldn't be chipped, and if it can't be re-homed, since it's a street animal, it should just be put back on the street. The veterinarian also recommended for other stray animals to be put back on the street, including an animal that had eyesight problems at the time.

The veterinarian also gives costly and harmful advice to people. Some animals have certain conditions that can be passed on to other animals, and when a client insisted to clean a carrier after an animal with a contagious disease spent time in it, she mocked the client, and accused them of being obsessive-compulsive.

The assistant is not capable of handling an animal on her own, yet very often she's left in the clinic on her own to take care of animals. After being unable to give a shot to an animal, she requested that the client hold the animal down, and when this wasn't possible, because the animal was quite obviously in distress after being poked with a needle, she became very irritated with the client for not being able to do what should be both the assistant's and the veterinarian's job. If an assistant can't give shots to an animal on her own, she shouldn't be left alone in the clinic to do it.

Iskustvo stranih drzavljanja sa veterinarkom Olgicom Ivanovic prevod na srpski3The office is also in a dismal state. The table on which one animal was operated on, did not look very hygienic, and did not look big enough to accommodate the animal. The vet's office looks like a third-world vet station.

She charges people 1000 dinars for an animal to stay overnight at her clinic. However a day to her does not last 24 hours it seems. If you drop off an animal at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, you have to pick it up at 10 the next morning. And if you are late to her office, she will harass you on the phone, insult you, and call you immature. After you protest that a day has 24 hours, she says that people should be thankful since she's doing them a favor. However, people are paying her to hold an animal overnight. She is not doing any favors for free. She also does not seem to provide the animals with a lot of food, while they stay overnight at her clinic because a few times times the food bowl was empty, and only water could be seen. She also gives cats dogfood, and she even gave a kitten Advantix for fleas, even though Advantix is meant for dogs and can be very costly, toxic and even deadly to cats.

Iskustvo stranih drzavljanja sa veterinarkom Olgicom Ivanovic prevod na srpski4After a certain client, came 15 minutes later than usual to her office, to pick up an animal, she harassed that client on the phone, called them immature, and threatened to PUT THE CLIENT'S ANIMAL ON THE STREET, something I think is very illegal in Belgrade, Serbia or anywhere in the world. She will stoop to any level to harass, degrade, and insult the clients that pay her money.

When the client came 15 minutes later, her assistant demanded more money, something the client refused to offer, after which the assistant threatened to get the police involved.

Iskustvo stranih drzavljanja sa veterinarkom Olgicom Ivanovic prevod na srpski5Lastly, the veterinarian takes part in something that is even more illegal than just verbal harassment. Even though she knows that certain animals are street animals and are in the process of being rehomed, even though they're not rehomed yet, she chips those animals in the name of the person who brought them, something she is not supposed to do.

Street animals and animals that are in the process of being rehomed, should be chipped in the name of the City of Belgrade. The chips that are given to her, by the city of Belgrade, are meant for dogs that ALREADY have owners, not for street dogs that are being re-homed. This is quite illegal, and she could be reported to the Uprava za Veterinu for this offense. She also is on the list of veterinary clinics that neuter/spay dogs with owners for free, yet when she was asked about neutering/spaying a dog with an owner, she was completely silent on the matter, meaning she does not want to work for free, or better the state of Belgrade's animals, unless she's gaining some kind of profit from it.

Another grievous offense, is that when an animal has a very dangerous condition that can worsen in a matter of minutes/seconds, and when that animal needs to be kept and monitored in the vet's office for signs of improvement or decline, and needs to have medication administered to them on an hourly basis, she insists that the client take the animal home, and administer the procedure on their own! Procedures that everyday clients are neither knowledgeable in, nor efficient in. 

Author: Mandy Richards

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