NUTRIVET is specialized manufacturer of food for dogs and cats.

NUTRIVET manufactures variety of dog food and cat food, of which the products INSTINCT Ultra are of premium quality.

NUTRIVET Products are specially formulated by the team of nutritionists and veterinarians that carefully adjusted the daily cat meal covering all nutritional needs to ensure healthy and appropriate development of cats of all ages and activities during their entire life.


NUTRIVET guarantees balanced and carefully developed complete pet nutrition made of exclusively selected quality raw materials (100% natural), in order to provide pets healthier and top-quality of life.

The Production of NUTRIVET Food is optimized through use of the advanced technology in the manufacturing process.
In addition, NUTRIVET includes certain ingredients which exclusively provide the food with hiper-hiper-digestion and assimilation of its essential ingredients.


NUTRIVET ensures vitality and optimal performance of our pets over their entire life.

By buying NUTRIVET cat food, you can provide your cat with everything it needs, at an affordable price.

We present Nutrivet INSTINCT food for cats of ULTRA-PREMIUM Quality GRAIN-FREE.


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