The INSTINCT concept is simple. All recipes contain a high proportion of fresh meat which is also the main source of protein. Nutrivet INSTINCT is low in carbohydrates such as grain, which does not form part of a cat's natural diet.


INSTINCT foods have been developed with this in mind and the proportions have been fine-tuned to meet your pet's nutritional requirements. They include ingredients such as chicken, turkey, wild boar, sheep and lamb, salmon, eggs, fruits, vegetables and a balanced amount of animal fat.

Nutrivet INSTINCT Cat Food at a glance:

  • 80% meat
  • 20% fruit & vegetables
  • 0% grain


Unlike traditional pet foods “INSTINCT” is made with a variety of meat and fish to reflect a cat’s natural eating habits in the wild which would be dependent on each day's prey.

The unique recipes contain the best of nature and provide your cat with an appropriate diet, rich in meat and low in carbohydrates, and with all the nutrients it needs for a long and healthy life.


Cats are carnivores by nature and instinctively prefer a meat-based diet. Their physiology is genetically programmed to metabolise mainly meat-based ingredients rather than foods rich in carbohydrates such as the grains contained in traditional pet food.


Cats only have a very limited nutritional use for carbohydrates since their metabolism has evolved to suit a natural diet which consists almost exclusively of meat.



Cats do not find it easy to digest large amounts of grain. Unlike many other cat foods, "INSTINCT" is grain-free and contains mails fresh, meat-based ingredients. The high carbohydrate content in grain can cause serious health issues for your pet. It is at the root of many healthy problems such as obesity and diabetes which today's cat suffers from.


Animal fats are an important element of a meat-based diet and your cat needs these fats for energy. They are able to metabolise animal fats more easily and efficiently than vegetable derived fats. Nutrivet INSTINCT is rich in meat which contains animal-based omega-3 fats. These essential fats help your pet to stay healthy and in top physical condition.



Vegetables provide vitamins, minerals and fibres which are essential to your cat's health. They are also much lower in carbohydrates than grain.


Cats instinctively know the benefit of eating certain plants. Such plants provide natural energy and also help the body to rid itself of toxins.


Traditional dry cat food often contains a high percentage of animal-based meal which can affect the balance of minerals. Nutrivet INSTINCT is mainly made from deboned fresh meat. This is a great source of protein and supplies your cat with natural minerals.

  • Guaranteed GMO-free
  • Not tested on animals
  • Soya and dairy free
  • No artificial colouring, flavourings or chemical preservatives

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